Book suggestions

The Mecklenburg County Public Library has nearly 150 children’s picture books in Spanish. As Davidson College students, you are eligible to apply for a library card and check out these books. Keep in mind that many of them are physically located in different branches and, while you can request that they be brought to the Davidson branch, it can take a week or more for them to arrive. Remember, “Hombre prevenido vale por dos“, so plan ahead!

We recommend the following authors for vocabulary focused units (animals, animals sounds, body parts colors, counting, days of the week, etc.): Sandra Boynton, Eric Carle, P.D. Eastman, and Dr. Seuss. Many of the students will have read these books in English, so only the language, not the stories, will be new. (Search by author and after the books are listed, refine to Spanish in the right-hand column.)

There are also many story books focusing on Hispanic cultures, customs, history, and legends. (Enter the search terms “Children’s Literature” AND “Spanish”.) Keep in mind the comprehension level of your students as well as your pedagogical goals when you choose these books. Much of the information in these books may be new to your students. Do you want to your students to learn concrete vocabulary words, or get the overall meaning of the story? Will they be able to take something away from the story based on the illustrations and your intonation? What have you incorporated into your lesson plan that will check their comprehension and hold them accountable for what you wish them to learn?

Aim to incorporate a book into each of your lessons. Seek a balance between familiar material and authentic cultural representations. Reading to students from an early age is invaluable and no matter how you use your book, you are building literacy!

There are also some children’s books on Reserve for SPA 311 at the Davidson College Library.